Lose Weight. Get Healthy. Eat Great

Lose Weight. Get Healthy. Eat Great
Learn how to lose weight, be healthy, and enjoy doing it!

Personalized Lifestyle Coaching Sessions and Nutrition Programs

My one-on-one coaching sessions and nutrition programs help you lose weight, keep it off, and live healthier. You get expert nutritional guidance - and deliciously healthy recipes to prepare - from a qualified professional. Receive tips by email for staying motivated to live a healthy lifestyle.

In my coaching sessions, you receive:
  • Personalized attention and a customized eating plan
  • Knowledge about why what you eat is a huge factor in keeping weight off
  • Lifestyle tips to keep you healthy and happy after you’ve lost weight
  • Advice from a specialist in food science and nutrition coaching

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What My Clients Are Saying

  • I asked Gianluca to coach me because I had taken a few extra pounds due to a change in my dietary habits that had caused me some digestive problems. Thanks to Gianluca's simple and balanced eating plan I successfully managed to lose weight and get used to a healthier diet in a short period of time (and to mantain my new habits over time). Gianluca was always available to give me tips and advice. I can recommend his coaching service to anyone who wants to learn how to eat better!
  • A good nutritionist that knows how to do his job, thanks to him my wife lost 10 kg in 4 months and is very happy and started to move better good job Doc!
  • Thanks to Gianluca’s eating plan, combined with some moderate physical activity, in three months I lost the extra weight I wanted to lose. The most important thing is that with a healthier diet, both from the point of view of quality and quantity, helped me to eliminate joint pain and regain general well-being as well as a more functional body. The secret is that, of the many clichĂ©s and fad diets out there, what works is simplicity: a healthy and balanced diet combined with physical activity.
  • Gianluca is definitely a top level nutritionist, his recipes lead to concrete results and, more importantly, to more health. You learn a proper way to eat a healthy and balanced diet. He is a humble and polite person, with a well above average intelligence. I recommend his service to anyone who’s willing to stay healthy and in good shape.
  • I turned to Gianluca for the desire to get fit and eat a healthy and balanced diet. The mission was a complete success, Gianluca prepared a eating plan based on my needs and according to my taste. He is a serious professional and I recommend his service to everyone, especially to those who need to lose weight, because he teaches you how to eat well.
  • More than an eating plan, what I got is a new way of eating. You lose weight without much effort!! Also, Gianluca is very kind, very helpful and easy to contact for any doubt you have or tip you need! "

Gianluca Tognon, nutrizionista a Lodi My name is Gianluca Tognon. I am a nutritionist, medical researcher, public speaker, and health and medical consultant. I have a PhD-equivalent postgraduate degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Pavia - Italy. For the past 10 years I have coached people to a healthy weight and taught them how to prevent chronic disease by living a healthier lifestyle. I have authored several scientific publications and books in health and nutrition. Want to know even more about me? Read my CV here.

Gianluca Tognon